NEPTUNE STEAMER - "Mr Black" 3/2mm

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Neptune  "Mr Black" Steamer Features:
FLOC // FLATLOCK - Flatlock is a strong, comfortable flat stitch formed by overlapping the seams and stitching right through the two pieces of neoprene.
MKP // MESH KNEE PADS - Mesh Knee Pads for comfort and flexibility.
GSC // GLIDE SKIN COLLAR - Glide Skin Collar to your neck for a soft sealed feeling.
RSS // REEFLEX STRAP STASH SYSTEM - Reeflex Strap Stash System: Rubber pull strap logo with a velcro end that is attached to the neck closure to eliminate flapping strap syndrome.
SFX // SOLAR EFFECTS - Solar FX Flex neoprene made for our unique Solar Series range of wetsuits exclusive to Reeflex. Variable Effects (FX) Flex for Mercury, Jupiter & Neptune. 85% throughout Neptune Steamers & Spring Suits.
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