Hardy X Clips Competition 2015

Davis Blackwell Reeflex Wetsuits 2015 from Stricko on Vimeo.



To celebrate Ryan Hardy’s recent takeover of the Reeflex Wetsuits brand, Coach Hardballs is looking to recruit ONE new pro rider to join Davis Blackwell, Lachlan Cramsie and Hardballs himself on the Reeflex Pro Team.

Additionally, Hardy will be sponsoring siX extra riders, 1 from each of the states of QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, SA and WA to join the #reeflex2015 team.

All you have to do to enter is send your edited clip file or vimeo/youtube link to Coach Hardballs along with your name, age and hometown to Ryan’s email:

Your video clip can be as simple as a few waves to no music or it can be an amped up full length edit to music.

Hardy will be judging the clips entirely on raw talent and riding STYLE.

Entries will close on JUNE 30, 2015 and the winners clips will be announced on the Reeflex facebook page and website on JULY 1, 2015.

So what better time to get out there and go BIG during Australia's best months of surf this Autumn and be in with the chance to join some of the best riders in the world on the Reeflex team!


"I look forward to checking out your clips, GO HARD!!"

- Ryan Hardy



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