Boogie Collective

NAME: Heydon 'Da Boogie Man' Bunting (DAD) AKA - Pluck. AKA - Boogie

 Instagram: @da_boogie_man

 AGE: 37

 Hometown - Cronulla

 Future ambitions in bodyboarding: 

Keep challenging myself in heavy conditions. 

Continue to Improve my overall fitness - physical & psychological.

Learn more about the inside of the tube.

Continue to Get in the ocean every day. 

Continue passing on knowledge & what I have learnt from over 30years in the sea.

Continue to be inspired by the ocean & frothing on it daily.


NAME: Roman Bunting

 AGE: 8

 HOMETOWN: Cronulla/Freshwater

 Size 8 wetsuit

 Moves you want to do:

barrel rolls, inverts  

 Waves you want to surf: 

bugs, indies 

 Comp you want to compete in:

I want to compete in emerald comps and the shark island challenge 

 Going to school now...



NAME: Koby Bunting

 AGE: 11

 HOMETOWN: Cronulla/Freshwater

 Moves you want to do: Big Barrels & Big Airs

 Waves you want to surf: Indies, Chopes & Cape 

 Comp you want to compete in: Shark Island & Pipe.





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